We started Sequoia Supply Company in 2019 after making the decision to step up to the plate and make an impact in the fight against human trafficking. After speaking with several Chicago based non-profits, we learned that the biggest necessity was employment opportunities for the women under their care. In many cases, the trauma of past experiences doesn't allow for them to return to a normal employer as they heal, so we immediately recognized an opportunity we could step in to help. We turned our savings and our garage into what you see today.

Our focus in this work revolves around the three E's; Employment, Empowerment, & Education.


We believe that a stable job in a safe environment can foster confidence, self worth, and healing. You purchase means we get to continue this work and extend employment to more women in need.


Women aren't commodities. Work in our shop fosters renewed self-purpose and confidence of reclaiming who they were made to be; powerful, chosen, and Beloved.


10% of every purchase is given directly back to our scholarship fund. We believe that an educated women is an unstoppable force and our dream is that the Sequoias in our shop would use that education to help other sisters still being trafficked.

Your support to us means more than you know. We are so grateful to bring you theses products and hope that you carry, burn, and speak of them with pride.
With love,


Sequoia Supply Company

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