We cannot express our gratitude to you enough for jumping into this fight with us, thru the purchase of one of our products. We build our products with the intention of making you a heritage good-something that is made to be passed down, With that being said, despite our confidence in providing you with THE BEST materials we can get our hands on..stuff happens over time. Unfortunately, leather and thread are not bullet proof. With that said, we stand by our products. We warrant your purchase of a Sequoia good against standard defects in material and craftsmanship under normal use for the life of the product.

If at any moment over your product's life you find it to have a defect, we will cover it-just shoot us an email. Any good approved by our team to fall under the terms of our warranty should be shipped with a prepaid shipping label so that we can get it back to you. Our first priority is always to try and repair the product if we can. Not only in an effort to be environmentally sustainable but also for the sentiment that your product should tell a story and we hope you find pride in that relationship. If the product is irreparable, we will replace it. Please be considerate to the fact that our leather styles may change over time. In the chance that your style/color is no longer offered, we will present you with a voucher for a credit in amount of your original item.

Please be considerate of the extension of this warranty. We want you to carry our pieces with pride knowing the quality/intentionality we put into it but we also hold the right to refuse a "defective" good if it looks like you used it as a pizza mitt to remove your digiorno pizza every night.

In order to process a claim for a defective product, shoot me an email or DM on Instagram along with a photo of defect and proof that you are the original owner and we will get you back up and running in no time.